Finding your Feminine Core, supported with homeopathy- online

VenueNational Center for Homeoapthy

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed? Are you working hard taking care of other people? Are you longing to let down your guard and relax? Can you believe that life will take care of you even when you slow down?

I will share useful tools, including homeopathic support and remedy information during this evening webinar  so you can:

*improve hormone balance

*get deeper, more restful sleep

*have more energy

*feel calm and peaceful

This webinar will be  helpful for women of all ages and in all stages of life: younger women, new mothers, career women, women in hormonal changes of perimenopause and menopause and older women.

Members of National Center for Homeopathy will have complimentary access to this webinar. If you are interested and want to attend the event you can become a member. NCH is a wonderful resource for everything homeopathic and an organization worth supporting.


Start Time 08:00 PM
End Time 09:00 PM
Event Categories Resonant Healing Events