Finding your Feminine Core ONLINE

Do you want to-

Have more flow and ease in your life?

Feel your personal power without having to work so hard for it ?

Know your boundaries, what is me and not me?

Connect to your own inner guidance and trust it?

Experience the support of other women who also want to be seen and heard?

If you are saying yes to any of these questions

Finding your Feminine Core (FYFC) is the missing piece in your life.

FYFC gives you the tools so you can-

– bring your stronger, healthier self to the women, men, and children in your life.

-Switch effortlessly and easily from the exhausting life of meetings, appointments, deadlines, activities to spontaneity and flow

-feel safe to surrender in the moment of stress and anxiety and allow the struggle to soften.

-release unmet expectations of yourself and others that depletes your vitality

-experience more immediate access to your feminine energy, your birthright.

Regsiter for monthy FYFC Energetic embodiment sessions

Your energetic state and feminine energy will be unblocked, fuller and more accessible when you practice energetic embodiment. You will be held in a circle of feminine energy, be seen and heard.

We will meet the second Monday of June thur November, at 8pm, online for a 90 training and practice of FYFC.

June 10th, July 8th, Aug. 12th, Sept. 9th, Oct.14th,Nov.11th

On the last Wednesday of June thur November, at 8pm, we will meet for a 30 minute check in session.This will be an opportunity to ask questions, get encouragement for your practice(if you need it) or relate how you are experiencing ongoing FYFC practice in your life.

June 26th, July 31st, Aug.28th, Sept.25th, Oct.30, Nov, 26**(this is a Tuesday , last session)