Conversations and Happenings with SHE

Ticket Price$20 +

Conversations with SHE and  SHE Happenings.
We invite you into our monthly new moon circle.
We’ll be, explore, and learn to access and build more strength, resilience and juiciness.

We, SHE, welcome you. All of you is welcome here, with us.
Whatever you’re feeling, thinking, seeing, doing, or not doing you are welcome here.

During our Conversations  and Happenings we invite you to set it all down and come just as you are to gather with other like-minded women.

Rest, lean in, and soak up the goodness we have for you.
These sessions are  experiential  for your whole being.
Conversations with SHE is your unique opportunity to learn from us.
You will get tools and a time to practice them when we gather. Conversations with SHE and Happenings  will
help you increase your resilience, juiciness, and wellness.

Conversations with SHE are $20 each. Happenings are $47. Special offers will be posted.

Sunday, December 13th, 2021, Conversations with SHE, 4-5:15pm EST. This is the final 2020 event.

The 2021 dates for Conversations with SHE and the Happenings.

Sunday, January 17th, 2021 Ready, Set, Go, GO 2-5pm EST. This is our signature happening.

Thursday, February 11th, 2021, Conversations with SHE, 7-8:15pm EST

Saturday, March 13th, Conversations with SHE, 11am-12:15pm EST

Sunday, April 11th, Conversations with SHE, 2-3:15pm EST

Tuesday, May 11th, Conversations with SHE, 7-8:15pm, EST

Saturday, June 19th, Ready, Set, Freedom 1-4pm EST. Another opportunity for our signature happening.



Start Time 04:00 PM
End Time 05:15 PM
Event Categories Feminine energy,Finding your Feminine Core,Resonant Healing Events,Women's circle