Finding your Feminine Core Retreat

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Have you been feeling challenged, even frustrated, with…
-emotional pain, anxiety, or depression that prevents you from living fully?
– So tired that some days it is a struggle to get anything done?
-being heard and seen so that you find yourself repeating yourself over and over?
– trying to make changes in your health and life?
-feeling like you are either walked all over or angry a lot?
-knowing there is something out there that can help you but not knowing where to find it?

If you are saying YES to any of these, you may have a weakened connection to your Feminine Core. Sign up today for the:

Finding your Feminine Core is a blueprint to living vibrantly and fully, activate your passionate and fierce power, and light up the fabulous you.

Full, fierce, and fabulous is your birthright!

By FULL, I mean you are accessing all of your energy and experiencing your vitality and vibrancy every day without burnout.

By FIERCE, I mean experience what it is to own your ability, to claim what is yours, intensely and passionately without apology.

By FABULOUS, I mean you can stop making yourself small and experience your awesome unique powerful self.

By FINDING YOUR FEMININE CORE, I mean you are going to uncover and fill up with the fuel source that is designed specifically for you—your feminine energy.

FYFC retreat is a deep dive into the powerful resource of your feminine energy. If you are a woman on a growth and self-transformation journey, deeply committed to accessing the most potent and powerful tools for your health and wellness, then, THIS IS FOR YOU!

You will leave the retreat feeling blissed out, calm, centered, rejuvenated and lit up. You will have tools that offer you lasting changes. You will be full, fierce and fabulously connected to your Feminine Core.

This retreat is a sacred and intimate time for a woman. The retreat caps at 10. Register now to confirm your valuable spot.


Start Time 10:30 AM
End Time 04:30 PM
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