In the Kitchen

Ticket Price$499 Special

In the Kitchen offers interactive, personally tailored sessions so you will feel confident about:

– your food choices that bring you the most health and vitality.

– and how you feed and nourish your family and loved ones.

– supporting the sustainability of the planet.

Together we have fun and joy In the Kitchen. Let’s optimize your nourishment!

I take you through a step by step process, in which you will gradually restock your pantry — switching ingredients, utensils and more.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do this all at once.

I’ll send you a summary email after each session for your reference and ongoing support.

In the Kitchen guides you with earth friendly, sustainable and easy to learn tips. You almost won’t notice that you are changing.

With the abundance of fruits and vegetables available now, it’s perfect timing to utilize In the Kitchen.  You can learn tips to amp up your health and longevity with nutritionally rich fresh and seasonal foods.

This is also helpful if you are struggling with any post injection symptoms

As the weather cools you will be prepared with a nutritionally charged, stronger immune response…ready for any seasonal increase in illnesses and viruses including Covid strains.

Introductory offer: 3 sessions for $499 

To set up your INK sessions call 914-522-0913 or email me,

*In the Kitchen sessions must be scheduled within 2 months of registration.


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