Joy Within- Journey Dance Session and Finding your Feminine Core

VenueAMP Yoga Studio
Ticket Price$35 in advance

Join us for an evening to move and be moved into our joy with Nationally Certified JourneyDance Facilitator, Jean O’Toole and Janice Solomon, Holistic Health Practitioner and creatrix of Finding Your Feminine Core.
$35 in advance
advance tickets:
$40 at the door

The JourneyDance experience is designed to empower the community, create connection and to celebrate life. JourneyDance is a dynamic, transformational practice that combines guided and freestyle movement to help you get out of your mind, get into your bodies, and release that which no longer serves. We embody our temples on an evocative soul ride through the flow of experiential movement and the power of sound. We liberate ourselves on this spiritual and emotional journey that inspires uninhibited free expression of the Self. In this hypnotic container, our minds become clear and free, our outlook becomes more positive, our bodies become more fluid, energized, and powerful. JourneyDance™ calls us to heal, get physical, and connect with our inner resources to step into our highest potential, reconnecting us with our innate states of joy, well-being, and pleasure. JourneyDance™ acts as a catalyst for you to celebrate the magnificence of your body and life. We encourage self-trust, self-approval, and divine knowledge within the JourneyDance session. Through movement explorations, powerful core connections, fascia engagement, and breath awareness, participants will release judgment, freely express their sensual soul, and move into a new story of self-love by giving and receiving energetic and heart-centered touch, allowing healing and nourishment of supportive group connection. For more information visit : JourneyDance with Jean on Facebook.

Finding Your Feminine Core is a unique combination of energetic practices and healing modalities that teach and guide you to effectively access and recharge your energy. We will experience the powerful energetic embodying practices together as a prelude to dancing with our Joy Within.


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Start Time 07:00 PM
End Time 09:00 PM
Event Categories Resonant Healing Events
223 Mountain Avenue, Springfield, Township, NJ 07081