Embrace Change: Walk in Clarity

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Embrace Change: Walk in Clarity

Physically, spiritually, and emotionally stressed?
Are you living in the land of “Is this really happening?”

We invite you into our circle.

You are in the right place if:
-you want support to embrace change.
-See or access more opportunities in your current situation
-you want to continue to build resilience

Wouldn’t you love to have  conversations with experts in the fields of energetic healing, holistic healthcare, feminine embodiment, trauma resolution, spiritual guidance and more.

You are definitely in the right place.

We, SHE, welcome you. All of you is welcome here, with us.
Set down your worry. Set down your disbelief. Set down the overwhelm and confusion. Set down the numbing exhaustion.
Whatever you’re feeling, thinking, seeing, doing, or not doing you are welcome here. 
During this SHE Happening we invite you to set it all down and come just as you are to gather with
other like-minded women.
Rest, lean in, and soak up the Goddess goodness 
we have planned for you.
This is an experiential event for your whole being.

Embrace Change is your unique opportunity to learn from us, four amazing women.
You will use tools that when practiced consistently
will strengthen your resilience enabling you to embrace change and walk in clarity.

And of course you will leave with a bundle of goodies and the support of SHE.

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Start Time 02:00 PM
End Time 05:00 PM
Event Categories Feminine energy,Finding your Feminine Core,Resonant Healing Events,Women's circle