Vitality Reset at The Modern Druid

VenueModern Druid
Ticket Price$30

                                                   Vitality Reset: an immune system boost

Do you want:

*your immunity to be strong and active?

* to feel decreased anxiety?

* to access to your inner guidance, wisdom within?

* tools to discern and evaluate information that can  be confusing, overwhelming and scary?

 Vitality Reset is an opportunity to get support around what you are feeling so you can find your own meaning during these unprecedented times.

Have you been struggling with fear of the future, anger or helplessness?

Do you feel things are beyond your control?

Have you felt you are at a loss for options? Maybe feeling trapped?

If you are saying YES to any of these questions, let’s meet at Modern Druid, 60 South Broadway, Nyack, NY on Wednesday eve, December 1st from 6:30-8pm to unpack some of your experiences and learn strategies to activate your optimal health — physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

We will meet for an evening filled with helpful, timely and impactful guidance, support and tools so you can experience the fall and into winter with pleasure, preparation and presence.

Pleasure will be enlivened and renewed with this experience. Pleasure is proven to improve everything!

Preparation now and for heading into 2022 with vitality and increased immunity. Feel empowered about your health. This is always vitally important and especially during the present pandemic.

Presence to organize your thoughts and energy to feel balanced and calm, knowing at any moment you have the skills to gather yourself into increased personal comfort ease.




Start Time 06:30 PM
End Time 08:00 PM
Event Categories Feminine energy,Finding your Feminine Core,Resonant Healing Events
60 South Broadway, Nyack, NY