March Vitality Generator


Have you been struggling with fear of the future, anger or helplessness?
Do you feel things are beyond your control? And how much are you missing live human connection and contact?
Have you felt you are at a loss for options? Maybe feeling trapped?

Meet me online with like spirited women.
Come away with tools to feel pleasure, prepared, and presence.

VITALITY Generator
Accessing the wisdom of our energetic core in the midst of conflicting information and anxiety
Online March 13th . Register here.
At  Vitality Generator  you will experience the potent and vitalizing embodiment practices that amp up your inner energy. You will feel presence, pleasure and a sense of preparedness for any next waves.
Learning at Generator:
  • Inner energy and its role in vitality
  • Embodiment as your anchor to safety
  • Holistic healthcare: gentle, effective and sustainable.
  • Body reading: 
    • Pinpointing energy blocks
    • Unlocking the power of your life force


Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 01:30 PM
Event Categories Feminine energy,Finding your Feminine Core,Resonant Healing Events,Women's circle