Resonant Healing is about Conscious Healthcare and Feminine Embodiment, helping women increase their vitality, wellness, and energy.  If you are frustrated by what your current medical care offers and you know there must be more to improving and sustaining wellness, you have arrived at the right place!

Do you want to:

  • Feel well and have lots of energy and vitality?
  • Feel supported in your healing journey?
  • Have effective healthcare that lasts and is sustainable?

I offer a range of healing programs and packages for health, wellness and personal growth. I work to find the right one for you, given, your health goals, what you want to create and the particular challenges you are facing.

Everyone takes in information differently. What is most enjoyable and effective for you?

  • One-on-one care
  • A unique blend of energetic practices, like yoga and homeopathy
  • Classes to feel the support of a community

I am a master in women’s health, a teacher, and holistic health practitioner specializing in homeopathy, Finding your Feminine Core, yoga and energetic embodiment.

“I’ve had a passion for health and wellness and having choices, cultivating it in myself and sharing with others who want to have a dynamic leadership in their own health.  Most of the women (and some exceptional men and families) I work with have been looking for choices and effective answers for some time”

Homeopathic practitioners and students in their final courses, who want to heal their community, make more impact and profit, seek me out for business mentoring because I employ a holistic, vitalistic approach to building a flourishing, successful practice.