Living Stress and Medication-Free In the Smart Phone Generation

So many of us are struggling with anxiety, depression, FOMO, feeling helpless. The stream of digital info is relentless. This is leaving us feeling overwhelmed, at times hopeless and stressed. Ongoing physical pain and sleep problems are other ways you might be experiencing this.

Digital anxiety affects each of us in different ways. For young adults social media can result in crippling low self-esteem. “Adulting”, growing up, can be stunted, with frightening and paralyzing thoughts. Many people feel despair from the constant barrage of world events. Heightened anxiety and fear, and often insomnia, drive people to take medication.

Are you seeking relief from the stress of the digital world? Do you feel your current medical care is not helping you with your anxiety and discomforts?

Digital Anxiety is a program that offers you individualized care using a unique combination of homeopathy, breathing, and yoga, so you can feel confident about coping in the digital age in an empowered, vital and transformed way. You will feel calmer, less stressed and more at ease physically.


I met Janice and heard her introductory presentation about what homeopathy is and what it can do.  I knew without a doubt that I wanted to work with this Shining Light and began the work with Janice almost immediately.  I was seeking treatment to cope with a period of a very dark depression.  I have had many bouts of clinical depression throughout my adult life and have worked with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, and so on, but this time around , I had a very strong desire to get well without going on medication

Janice has a depth that is both refreshing and very uncommon.   She shares freely of herself as a beautiful example of the deep healing that is possible with homeopathy.  She is completely dedicated to her path and to truly getting to heart of a problem.  She is a true healer…

I am free of depression.  (!!!)   In addition to the miracle of being free of depression, I have found a new and exciting career path,  have experienced a deep sense of belonging in the world, am enjoying standing firmly in who I am, and am feeling a vitality in my overall health.  I know that these changes in my life began by working with Janice.”

-Patricia Keeler