A comprehensive care package for conscious pregnancy and childbirth. Whether you are planning to have a baby or are already expecting you are preparing to welcome in a soul. SOULBIRTHING helps you to nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit during pregnancy.

Having a baby can feel exciting and scary. Do you wonder if you will be able to handle the pain of labor, will the baby be healthy, will you ever feel like yourself again, will you lose the baby weight? Maybe you are anxious that every woman you know has a war story and you feel doomed .

Pregnancy and childbirth is a time in your life to access your dreams and wants. If you want to have a gentler, more peaceful birth experience, if you want the best bonding experience for you and your baby, if you want a powerful, gentle advocate for your choices during labor and delivery, this is the program for you.

SOULBIRTHING starts before or at the beginning of your pregnancy, guiding you through your childbirth experience with homeopathic care, maternal yoga, childbirth education, guided visualization to meet your individual needs. You will be supported in ways you might not even know you need.

Most obstetrical practices do not encourage other methods of healthcare outside of standard medical practice. With SOULBIRTHING, I follow your lead in interacting with the rest of your midwifery or obstetrical team and tailor your care to insure you feel supported, healthy, safe, fulfilled emotionally, spiritually and physically as you go through your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

You can expect to­ feel vital and solid in yourself, connected to your growing baby throughout your pregnancy and birth. You will be totally prepared to welcome this precious, new life.

For as long as I remember I struggled with anxiety and depression with morbid, racing thoughts and intense physical sensations. I was on and off of psychiatric medication for years. When I became pregnant with my first child I was very nervous about the transition to motherhood. I had a strong desire to not take medication but knew that I must find another solution.

I connected with Janice and homeopathy. Janice provided invaluable support throughout my pregnancy, birth and post-partum period. She was professional but went above and beyond my expectations. Janice helped me to recognize lifelong patterns and begin a journey towards acceptance and growth. Her wisdom and compassion has guided me to heal with both homeopathy and lifestyle changes.

As I now approach a year since my daughter was born I have been able to cope with physical, hormonal, emotional and spiritual shifts with the limited use of allopathic medicine. I have become a strong believer in the power of homeopathy and use to support myself and my family’s health and wellness.  B. Grant, Croton-on Hudson, NY