Are you wondering if you will ever feel like yourself again? Do you have hot flashes? Heavy bleeding? Irregular cycles?  No libido? Gained weight and just can’t lose it? Trouble sleeping? Do you have aches and pains that you never had before?  Sounds like you are in the menopausal transition.

Support yourself with Breeze thru Menopause. This is for women in their late thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties who seek relief from menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia and weight gain as well as from depression and anxiety.

We will explore yoga postures, life style adjustments, holistic health options , including homeopathy, to help you get relief now.

I can help you end your menopausal suffering and transform your experience into long lasting health and comfort.

I attended Janice Solomon’s Breeze through Menopause workshop. I was suffering for years with heavy, prolonged bleeding from PCOS and perimenopause with no real solution from doctors other than an IUD or endometrial ablation. As I prefer to do things the natural non-invasive way, I began to work with Janice. I am so pleased … Janice addresses the whole issue – mind, body, and spirit. My symptoms have lessened considerably and we continue to work on adjusting the remedies as my body is changing. I feel listened to and valued…thank you, Janice!  Elizabeth M., Oradell, NJ