How to heal your community with maximum profit and impact.

  • Find your ideal niche
  • Crystal clear messaging
  • Powerful presentations that lead to profit
  • Attract committed and consistent clients
  • Make more money

Imagine if you knew where your income was coming from for the next 6 months. You would feel more relaxed about money, less stressed about paying your bills and have more time and energy for the things that bring you joy and pleasure.

I will show you how I went from having anxiety about financial struggle and a fledgling client base to having more confidence, consistent clients and income. I have been studying and investing in learning the business side of homeopathy and been in individual business mentoring for over 10 years. I am in my third year of Holistic Business Mastery, a business mentoring program for solo entrepreneurs in a holistic field.

“Janice helped to reveal my thoughts, habits and feelings about business and money. Together we found ways of making practical changes to bring more income in a consistent manner.  I felt my values were understood which made it easy to redirect my energies. I recommend Coaching with Janice to anyone who knows they have untapped resources and potential in their practice.” 

~Tanya Kell RSHom(NA)