The Essential Prep for surgery,  medical procedures and dental work:

  • reduce pain
  • decrease anxiety
  • minimize need for pain medication
  • accelerate healing and recovery

When you are facing any type of surgical procedure, invasive testing, dental surgery, extractions, or periodontal work, Rapid Recovery will help you prepare and recover quicker using a combination of holistic healing tools including homeopathic remedies.

I have sensitivities to drugs and always look for a safer alternative. Since I planned to donate a kidney to my brother, I wanted extensive support to go through the surgery and beyond. And then I found Janice. She prepared me before the surgery with the necessary protocols, reminding me that she would be a phone call away. Knowing I wanted to stop oxycodone as soon as I got home from the hospital, she assured me that we would work together to manage the pain and support my body to heal easier. I felt so secure knowing Janice was on my healing team to guide me through this surgery. I cant imagine not having her to help me through this challenge. Thank you, Janice!”
~Marilyn Eppolite., New Jersey, USA (2016)