All parts of us are connected — mind, body, and spirit. This is what holistic means. I assist you in your healing process through learning as much as possible about your individual characteristics and the way you live in your world. These distinctions are conveyed to me as I gather details about your mental, emotional, physical, and general states.

This information informs and guides me in designing a personal holistic approach for your health care, using a unique combination of healing methods, so you can break the pain cycle, transform your experiences into long-lasting health, feel happier, more balanced, and supported.


I came to see Janice when I had pain bending my knee from Lyme’s disease. I was treated for Lyme’s with antibiotics and other alternative modalities yet the pain did not go away.  Taking my constitutional remedy (homeopathic remedy carefully chosen for an individual) has helped me in so many ways. I got rid of the knee pain. I needed dental work very often before homeopathic care. Now I only need the dentist for healthy check ups and cleanings. Very holistic….working with the patterns of energy …so complete. Janice is very professional and caring. She has lots of experience in many different areas. She handles situations (even during a crisis or setback) in a very balanced way. Her instructions are very clear and easy to carry out.  Judy, Monsey, NY