Yoga is a practice of awareness, yoking or connecting the mind and body, using breath. Yoga means to yoke or connect.

I use blocks, blankets, chairs, belts , bolster and walls to assist your body in finding ease and your breath in finding more space. The benefits of practicing yoga without strain is a release of tension and pain and a calming of the mind. Yoga has direct effects on your physical and emotional health.

Janice pays attention to detail and is such an expert teacher. I stand straighter as a result of Janice’s yoga class. I like yoga with Janice because she encourages me to go at my own pace and not push my body where is doesn’t want to go today.She taught me to sleep better simply by putting my legs up on the wall minimizing the need for conventional medical intervention. Janice’s voice is calm and relaxing and you can see she is always improving and reading up on the latest on yoga and relaxation. She talks just the right amount. She says positive words like “good” and thinks of great ways to really get into a healthy state at the end of class in shivasana. Janice’s yoga class is a quiet, peaceful environment that spills it’s abundant positive benefits into the rest of my week.  R.H., a grateful yoga student