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Resonant Healing is about Conscious Healthcare and Feminine Embodiment, helping women increase their vitality, wellness, and energy.  If you are frustrated by what your current medical care offers and you know there must be more to improving and sustaining wellness, you have arrived at the right place.

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Holistic Health Care

All parts of us are connected — mind, body, and spirit. This is what holistic means. I assist you in your healing process through learning as much as possible about your individual characteristics and the way you live in your world. These distinctions are conveyed to me as I gather details about your mental, emotional, physical, and general states.

This information informs and guides me in designing a personal holistic approach for your health care, using a unique combination of healing methods, so you can break the pain cycle, transform your experiences into long-lasting health, feel happier, more balanced, and supported.


Yoga is a practice of awareness, yoking or connecting the mind and body, using breath. Yoga means to yoke or connect.

I use blocks, blankets, chairs, belts , bolster and walls to assist your body in finding ease and your breath in finding more space. The benefits of practicing yoga without strain is a release of tension and pain and a calming of the mind. Yoga has direct effects on your physical and emotional health.
Janice pays attention to detail and is such an expert teacher. I stand straighter as a result of Janice's yoga class. I like yoga with Janice because she encourages me to go at my own pace and not push my body where is doesn't want to go today.She taught me to sleep better simply by putting my legs up on the wall minimizing the need for conventional medical intervention. Janice's voice is calm and relaxing and you can see she is always improving and reading up on the latest on yoga and relaxation. She talks just the right amount. She says positive words like "good"...

Homeopathic Care

Homeopathy sees each person as a whole and looks at the mind, body and spirit as equal components in wellness. This holistic approach to health looks for the patterns held within each individual that cause symptoms and dis-ease.  A well chosen remedy will activate our inborn healing mechanism and offer the possibility of regaining our highest level of health.

Energetic Embodiment

Many people spend their lives working and giving to others. The result of this can be feeling depleted and separated from ourselves. Checking in with yourself and noticing how you are doing has deep benefits.

I guide you in slowing down and tuning in so you can receive what you need.  I support you if the process feels vulnerable. I share helpful tools so you can learn to receive what you need and feel more balanced and connected to your inner strength and energy. Your self-awareness and confidence will expand.

As you embody your own energy you will feel more joy, vibrancy, vitality, and fullness.

Women’s Health

I work with women in various stages of their lives. They are conscious of wanting change and are willing to invest in their health. Women often come to me after they have tried everything else and are open to different approaches. They may struggle with anxiety, depression, feeling stuck in old behaviors, have ongoing physical problems or hormonal symptoms around menstruation, birth, or menopause.

I use yoga, homeopathy, and energetic embodiment when working with women. The beauty of using a holistic approach to women’s health is that women can find relief and comfort on their way back to themselves, without the need for hormone therapy or other medications that can have unwanted side effects.


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As a heart-centered, graceful, vibrant, and loving woman with a deep commitment to being the best I can be, my life purpose is to help people connect to their embodied healthy self so they can feel nurtured, happy, and joyful.
~ Janice Solomon

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Spring Tune up

Consider a Spring Tune Up. 
Just like we tune up our cars, our instruments, and prepare the soil for gardening we also need to give some attention to our health at this time of the year.

Homeopathic care is effective and useful to tune up your health. It  can help your inner healing mechanism which fuels your immune response to be primed and working at full capacity so that you journey through the season change with ease and wellness.

Being prepared for now and the future.

Being prepared is an important step to staying healthy. It is an important time to build immunity to protect ourselves before the fall and winter when we might experience a second wave of the pandemic. Homeopathy and energetic embodiment are my recipe for vitality and optimal health- emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically.


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