Being prepared for now and the future.

As we are coming out of the “lockdown” of the pandemic  it is time to address your experiences and what you are dealing with.

There are many things that might need healing after months of quarantine, isolation, social distancing , hyper sanitation and illness. Some people are having lingering symptoms since having the virus with depleted energy, nagging coughs and/or unclear thinking. Others are experiencing tremendous stress of financial loss or uncertainty for the future. Many are grieving losses of loved ones and friends.  Increased anxiety around safety is huge. This has been intensified with the marches and protests about racism ignited with the death of George Floyd and many others. Fears are showing up in people of all ages. Children don’t want to go outside and play or are sacred to go back school.  Sleep problems and nightmares are a common now. Body and muscle pains are becoming chronic. Allergies seem to be heightened now after the tremendous stresses of the past months.

The scope of health issues is wide. We each have our individual responses to the stress of our lives and the events happening. This is a critical time to support your wellness. Left unchecked ongoing health issues will deplete our ability to respond well to present issues and to future stresses.

Being prepared is an important step to staying healthy. It is an important time to build immunity to protect ourselves before the fall and winter when we might experience a second wave of the pandemic.

I have found homeopathy to be the most effective healthcare tool for dealing with stress, healing physical complaints, having good immunity and being in a good mental state.

My second most powerful tool is energetic embodiment. By connecting to our bodies and using our natural energy we can enliven the life giving and healing power we have in ourselves.

Homeopathy and energetic embodiment are my recipe for vitality and optimal health- emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically.

I will be sharing my recipe for vitality at the end of June. .

If online learning is not your style reach out to me and set up a complimentary call. During the call we will uncover where you are feeling stuck or unhealthy, how stress is affecting you and I will offer you my most effective help and care. Info on home page or contact page to set up a call.