Are you putting everyone first?

Are you putting everyone first?I feel like that is how I have lived most of my life.Is this happening to you?
I think this is one of the greatest challenges of being a woman- finding the balance between caring for others and ourselves. Self-care doesn’t come naturally. We need to learn when and how to do it.

When means we would have to slow down and take time to tune in, to check in with ourselves. We receive information and messages all the time. Sometimes the message we need to hear is trying to be noticed but clouded by the busyness of life. It might try to make itself known by waking you up in the middle of the night. It can also appear as aches and pains in our body. Other times the message pops up with tiredness or lack of energy.
What is the message you are getting?
You see, the body is communicating with us. It is trying to pull our attention in any way it can. And what better way than by making us uncomfortable or tired. You have probably heard the body never lies…we are just really good at ignoring it.
What would happen if we did listen?
How exhausted are you?
Do you feel like you are the verge of breaking down?
Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep and still feel tired?
How long has it been since you had some time for yourself?
I have developed an easy to learn process for self care. It is effective and has consistently helped me and so many women who work with me sleep better, wake rested, have more balance with their hormones, trust and follow their intuition, feel more ease and comfort in their bodies, have a calmer mind, feel sexier and more vibrant.
Curious? Do you want to feel better now?
I am the creatrix of Finding your Feminine Core, a unique combination of holistic approaches and energetic embodying practices that will help you to tune in to yourself and feel vibrant again.
I share easy and effective tools so you will know when and how to nurture YOU NOW.

You know you need to do something immediately. That is why you are still reading this.

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