Spring Tune up

Spring is in the air here where I live.

The birds are chirping more, the first blossoms of crocuses are opening and buds are growing on the trees.
I am happy for the shift. It confirms that life keeps changing.

Has the weather started to change where you live? What do you notice is happening around you?

Coming out of the cold and isolation of this winter can leave your health more vulnerable to nature’s changes. Your immune response could be sluggish and/or overly sensitized.

Do you have spring allergies? Have they already started, earlier than usual?
Have you gotten a cold and/or a cough already with the unpredictable temperature fluctuations of March?

Do you want to feel your best this spring?

Consider a Spring Tune Up. 
Just like we tune up our cars, our instruments, and prepare the soil for gardening we also need to give some attention to our health at this time of the year.

Homeopathic care is effective and useful to tune up your health. It  can help your inner healing mechanism which fuels your immune response to be primed and working at full capacity so that you journey through the season change with ease and wellness.

During March I am having a  Spring Tune Up Special. 
Schedule your homeopathic appointment and Save $50
.                      ( for returning or new clients)
You can call 914-522-0913 or email me janice@resonanthealingny.com to schedule your appointment.

Hoping to help you have a Happy and Healthy Spring.
P.S. Your Spring Tune Up can help you mitigate any current viral or injection issues so you can feel less anxious, less fatigued and feeling more like yourself.