What is Homeopathy and how can it help you?

Homeopathy is a holistic method of healing that can improve your well being. Holistic means the “whole” you is treated: your mind, body and spirit. Homeopathy is a distinct and complete method of healing based on a simple principle called “the law of similars” Homeopathy provides preventative health care and is complimentary to conventional medical treatment.

Homeopaths treat each individual person. A person might have a particular problem or condition. Homeopaths treat the person with that condition rather than treat the condition separately. The homeopath is looking to understand how the person is experiencing their pain or discomfort, how each person responds to their symptoms. Every symptom and aspect of a person’s life story is honored and considered when selecting a homeopathic remedy that best matches the individual’s profile. Homeopaths strive to find the remedy that will return a person to health in the gentlest, quickest and most permanent manner.

Homeopathic remedies are specially prepared healing substance made from plants, minerals, and other sources. They are natural, non- addictive, non-toxic. The remedies use the smallest amount of a source material to stimulate the person own healing ability. The process of preparing homeopathic remedies is called potentization. It is a scientific method that uses serial dilution and succussion. This process removes any physical amounts of the original source material and leaves only an energetic “footprint”. The end result is a healing substance that is energetic. Many people know of other types of energetic healing methods like acupuncture and Reiki. Homeopathy is another type of energetic healing.

Energy can be challenging to understand. The example of a radio might help. When we tune in to our favorite radio station we are actually “catching” the radio waves, or sound energy, with the radio’s receiver, a part of the electronic equipment inside the radio. Although we can’t see the sound wave, we know they exist and the radio helps us connect to that type of energy. We all have energy as part of being human. It is something we cannot see but we are aware of its effects. When we have more energy we feel active. When we have less energy we are tired.

Homeopathy and the process of potentization is a way to connect to the energy that is in a substance like plants and minerals and use them to help in healing. The homeopathic remedy is an energetic healing message that is similar to a person’s energy. The homeopathic remedy stimulates the healing by adding energy to boost the person’s inner ability to heal. Like the radio when the healing energy of the remedy is introduced to the person the “waves” are picked up and connected to make the “song” play. Our song is our good health and the remedy helps to make it stronger and clear.

Illness, suffering and pain are symptoms we all experience. A homeopathic remedy is a message to a person’s system and body to correct these symptoms. Rather than add supplements or medication to an ailing person that often mask or suppress symptoms for immediate relief the homeopathic remedies gently encourage our healing capacity to return the body to a more balance and healthier state.

When a person goes to see a homeopath they are encouraged to share their personal story honestly. Through the conversation a homeopath has with the client the journey to healing begins and then continues with the use of a well chosen homeopathic remedy. The person being treated homeopathically can expect to feel better physically and emotionally. The symptoms they came in with will be less uncomfortable and less often.

Homeopathy can help with relief from temporary symptoms like the flu, colds, injuries, ear infections, fevers. It can also help  people with chronic symptoms like seasonal allergies, women’s health issues like PMS, menopausal changes, fertility issues, pregnancy, childbirth discomforts and breast problems, men’s health issues like prostate discomforts, fertility and sexual dysfunction, childhood and adolescent issues of learning and behavior like ADD, ADHD, depression, addictions, self esteem issues, school pressures, bladder issues like incontinence, digestive discomforts like constipation, pain, flatulence, weight control, respiratory problems like asthma, skin discomforts like eczema, acne, rashes.

Because homeopathy is treating the individual and boosting their healing ability energetically any problems or symptoms are potentially helped. Each person’s health history, the length of time they have had their symptoms, how they have cared for their problems will all influence how effective and timely homeopathic care will be. For everyone the improvements in health and well being are noticeable with homeopathy. For some people it will take longer to reach their highest level of health but along the road of healing improvements like increased energy, more restful sleep, clearer mind and thoughts, and an overall sense of well- being are noticed.



Are vaccines and/or allergy treatments homeopathic?

Often people think of other medical procedures being like homeopathy and the law of similars.  Simply stated the law of similars or “like cures like” means “a substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same or similar symptoms in an ill person.” Vaccinations and allergy treatments are frequently confused with homeopathic principle because they seem to employ the law of similars. Vaccination and allergy treatments actually use the same substance (virus or pollen) not a similar substance as with homeopathy. The medicines used are prepared with smaller material amounts but not prepared homeopathically, meaning using potentization. Vaccines and allergy treatments are used for all people rather than individually applied. Vaccines also have other ingredients such as Aluminum and Mercury that are extremely toxic even in small amounts.

In actuality vaccines and allergy treatments are not homeopathic. For something to be homeopathic it must follow the three basic concepts- law of similars, individual treatment and remedies prepared by potentization.

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