Children Using Homeopathy Reap the Benefits

Homeopathy is safe and effective for babies and children. Children who use homeopathy reap the benefits of good health, less illnesses, and quicker recovery. They adjust well to changes of life and can reach their full potential.

Children can experience a wide range of ailments as a natural part of life. This actually helps them and their bodies learn how to cope with life and illness. Ailments can present in various ways, for example earaches or fevers, and help the child by provoking and developing an immune response.

Sometimes the normal medical care children receive is unable to shift the problematic and/or stubborn condition that might arise in your child, such as reoccurring infections, disruptive behavioral problems and other issues. Conditions like these may be alleviated with pharmaceuticals but at a high cost- not only financially, but often bringing on side effects and/or a dependency. Homeopathy treats the whole person and can often reach the deep-seated imbalances that need to be corrected to make your child healthier in everyway. Children can exhibit symptoms on a physical, emotional or mental level. Physical symptoms are often easier to spot, but emotional symptoms are not and they can manifest sometimes at a later stage.

Johnny came to my office at 3 years old with asthma. He needed frequent nebulizer treatments for his asthma for over a year. During the consultation his mother told me about his aggressive behavior in nursery school, biting other children. I noticed Johnny started to clean the dust off of a chair leg and wondered about that unusual behavior for a 3 year old boy. The mother added that he is very clean conscious, hates to color out of the lines, and has to line up shoes in pairs by the door. When Johnny got nervous, which was often, he would grab a person’s hair or shirt.  Looking at Johnny’s whole condition, his physical, emotional and mental symptoms together lead me to understand what remedy would be helpful for him. After a few doses of  Arsenicum album administered over the next few months (a homeopathic remedy derived from a mineral) Johnny no longer experienced his asthma and was able to wean off of nebulizer treatments. His behavior improved, sleep improved, and he was happy and calmer.  Homeopathic Arsenicum album is very helpful for childhood asthma when seen coupled with the emotional and mental symptoms of fastidiousness, cleanliness and anxious behavior. In order for a homeopathic remedy to be effective the physical, emotional andmental symptoms must match the client’s symptoms. (Names have been changed for anonymity)

Homeopathy can be used in acute and chronic conditions to assure the child remains healthy. Young clients generally have a higher level of vitality than the average adult and therefore tend to have clear and decisive responses to homeopathy. Because of this vitality they tend to get sick dramatically, high fever, for example, but also can bounce back rapidly. Acute conditions could be burns, insect bites with swelling, or high fever. Chronic conditions could be reoccurring ear infections, asthma, ADD, autism, eczema.

After swimming Susie, a 14 year old girl, suddenly developed extreme pain in her right ear. Having never had an ear infection she had no idea what was causing the sudden and excruciating pain in the ear. Sudden earaches with throbbing pain can call to mind several homeopathic remedies such as Belladonna, Apis, Chamomillia, or Aconite. These are all derived from plants. After trying Belladonna 30C the symptoms seemed to worsen for Susie. When the mother realized how suddenly the pain started and told the homeopath then Aconite 30C was given. Aconite, the homeopathic remedy, has sudden intense symptoms with a dreaded feeling that they might die or never recover.  Susie was moaning as if in a terrible state and kept saying the pain would never go away. Within five minutes after taking the Aconite 30C Susie fell asleep. She needed to repeat the Aconite several more time over the day but the pain was never as intense as right after swimming and stopped by that same evening. Aconite worked because it was a match both for the physical and emotional symptoms.

Many medically prescribed medicines are successful at first but then the symptoms begin to return, as with ear infections. Homeopathic remedies do not suppress symptoms so that does not happen. Homeopathic remedies are given in small doses and once the symptom disappears there is no longer need for further doses. The remedies stimulate the body’s power of recovery. Remedies are made from natural substances. They have been used safely and successfully for over 200 years. Studies have been done on the effectiveness of homeopathy. ( and look under research).

Homeopathy can be used when there doesn’t seem to be any particular problem but you want to assure that you child is coping in a healthy way with his/her world. Sometimes changes like a home move, a death of a relative or pet, divorce, a new baby, an older sibling leaving home can be deeply upsetting to a child who is not able to articulate feelings about these events. Homeopathy does not separate emotional reactions from physical symptoms. Observing and sharing your child’s immediate world and experience with a homeopath will help treat your child in a way that will build and encourage a strong immune system and a developed, balanced mental emotional out look.

Homeopathy is a gentle, cost effective, safe, and natural option for the health of your child. It is anenergymedicine and so it is the energyof your child where the most change is noticed. When a child feels a lift in their energy they are able to move away from illness and embrace wellness. This is how our children can reach their fullest potential and good health.

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