During the current epidemic and moving forward, with a possible second wave of intensity coming this fall and into winter, it is crucial to have a well-primed and functioning immune system.

"Ready to Heal" with Betsy Sawyer Gaylin, is a locally produced TV show about alternative and complimentary approaches to health .

In the interview I explain what homeopathy is and how it works. Here's the link to watch...

So many women who come in to see me are frustrated by the limited help they get with their insurance covered medical care. Breeze thru Menopause and Finding your Feminine Core offer women a viable and safe solution to the symptoms experienced during life changes and aging.

This is written to help you understand what homeopathy is and is not – and to guide you in knowing what to expect of homeopathy as well as how to maximize your potential for an ideal homeopathic outcome.

Women of all ages face many changes and, at times, find their health is not as optimal as they would like. Young women deal with the stresses of school, work, future planning along with the challenges of good health, clear skin, staying fit, and dealing with the monthly changes of the menstrual cycle.

Being a woman covers the span of a lifetime from puberty to menopause and beyond.  Homeopathy is a wonderful way to care for ourselves and ease the challenges, when they arise, of being a woman. I first learned about homeopathy when I was pregnant with my first child.

Homeopathy is safe and effective for babies and children. Children who use homeopathy reap the benefits of good health, less illnesses, and quicker recovery. They adjust well to changes of life and can reach their full potential.