How Women Can Feel Their Best

Women of all ages face many changes and, at times, find their health is not as optimal as they would like. Young women deal with the stresses of school, work, future planning along with the challenges of good health, clear skin, staying fit, and dealing with the monthly changes of the menstrual cycle. Mothers often can add issues of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and childcare. Perimenopausal women experience hormone level fluctuations, changing bodies and emotional needs. Issues of heart health and protecting their bones concern postmenopausal women who also may be dealing with redefining what it means to live emotionally and physically fit lives well into their older years.

Homeopathy has the potential to help ease physical, emotional or mental symptoms that a women experiences at the various stages of life. Its gentle and effective results work well on their own or in conjunction with your existing healthcare. Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural sources and can provide healing changes for many health problems without toxic side effects. Substances specially prepared in minute amounts render homeopathic remedies safe for women. This is especially important to consider for women using hormonal birth control, therapy or replacement.

Here are just a few homeopathic remedies that are particularly helpful for women.

  • Folliculinum has been used to help women with issues related to hormonal imbalances. This remedy can alleviate side effects remaining after the use of birth control pills. It also is a valuable remedy when a woman feels as though she has lost touch with herself emotionally.
  • Sepia can be very beneficial for the exhausted mother of small children. Also, women who experience painful menstrual pains that have a heavy, dragging feeling internally may also benefit from this remedy.
  • Lachesis can be useful for women in the menopausal years.Those who experience surges of heat, a feeling that their clothing is restrictive, and that their emotions are boiling over would likely find this a valuable remedy.

Lifestyle Considerations

In addition to homeopathy, women will also benefit from looking at their lifestyles and consider what is and is not supporting their health. Besides the obvious suggestions of getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising, it is helpful to consider other factors that also can help increase optimal health.

  • Avoid plastic and chemicals: Since our environment is challenging to our bodies it is a good practice to avoid using disposable plastic bottles. The plastic itself increase the strain on the hormone system as well as straining the planet’s resources. Eating foods that are treated with fewer chemicals will be beneficial. The estrogen-like effect on the body from plastic and petrochemicals increases the hormonal imbalances that result in more PMS symptoms, breast issues, as well as higher risks for more serious diseases.
  • Daily down time: Make it a daily habit to sit quietly for a few minutes. This practice helps to quiet the busy mind and de-stress the body thus allowing the hormone levels dealing with stress to equalize. Simple yoga poses can help nourish the body and mind leading to a more healthful feeling.
  • Multiple modalities: Incorporating several modalities of wellness will increase your optimal health as a woman. Adding homeopathy to your life can be a very effective and powerful way to enhance your state of health.

  Use A Practitioner

Homeopathy sees each woman as a whole and looks at the mind and body as equal components in wellness. Homeopathy activates our innate ability to heal and offers the possibility of regaining our highest level of health.

Using any homeopathic remedy successfully means that both the emotional and the physical symptoms need to match up with the remedy. Deciding which remedy to use needs the guidance of a professionally trained homeopath and should not be done without consulting a certified practitioner. Homeopaths that are certified in classical homeopathy (CCH) are highly trained and can offer the highest level of professional consultation.

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