Immune strengthening

Our first responder to stress is a strong and healthy immune system, which is vital to good health.

Stress consists of factors that causes our whole being to respond. Response can be positive or negative depending on the stress. Examples of stressors are illness, or fear of illness (i.e.Covid), birth, death, moving, marriage, divorce, financial issues, change in lifestyle (i.e. lockdown), racial inequality, living conditions.

Ways to strengthen our immunity

Homeopathy addresses our vital force, our fundamental energy, which is the first step. This is what homeopathy does. The vital force (VF) is the underlying energy of your entire being (i.e. immune, cardiac, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems) Homeopathy will help the vital force in its function. Homeopathic remedies encourage and enliven the VF to function at its best which in turn will support the immune system (as well as all the other systems) to do its job well.

Think of a furnace in a home, with fuel and a pilot light, ready to ignite and provide heat and hot water. The furnace makes the home functional and comfortable to deal with outside elements like weather. Your VF is the “fuel” for “your furnace” that makes you function optimally.

During the epidemic and moving forward, with a possible second wave of intensity coming this fall and into winter, it is crucial to have a well-primed and functioning immune system. The VF is the underlying power for the immune system. Now is the time to prepare and fortify the VF.

How to prepare?

We use homeopathy for acute situations (i.e. sudden illness or injury) or constitutionally (for our deeper chronic state).  If we wait for Covid-19 or any other infectious disease to affect us and treat the symptoms during illness we are in acute care. If we prepare and strengthen the VF now, which in turn will anchor the immune system in optimal functioning, we are working constitutionally.

Having your VF and therefore your immune system primed is the benefit of constitutional care. Rather than waiting to see what might happen, (like a sitting duck!) constitutional care is proactive and prepares you for healthier responses to any stress in life, not just the pandemic.


Our mental/emotional state is how we feel, what we think about, how we process and function cognitively. At any given moment we have thousands of thoughts.  Some of those thoughts could be repetitive or habitual (think-hamster on the wheel). Many times we feel consumed thinking about something, finding it difficult or impossible to relinquish the thought. We can feel stuck in a mood or state of being (i.e. anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, fear). We use up a lot of our energy, our VF, when something is stuck or not moving. Consider how much force (an expression of energy) is needed to move an object that is embedded in mud, or trapped under rocks. Now apply this analogy to thoughts or feelings that are repetitive or stuck. We use a lot of our energy, in regards to our emotional/mental state, both in their stuck state and trying to release them.

Post lockdown many people are struggling with ongoing anxiety, worry about the future and a possible second wave of illness, financial instability and/or loss, not feeling safe, and anger about racial inequality. Your struggles might be these listed or others. All are valid and individually impactful.

Learning how we respond to stress is very enlightening in helping us understand our state of health. In a homeopathic consultation we spend time examining your personal experience of stress.  The result of the conversation can be liberating and transformative.

Your homeopath decides on an individually suited homeopathic remedy, based on how you deal with stress, and how you are in the world, where you are stuck and what needs to shift. When you take your remedy, you will notice a shift in yourself. You will have more energy and therefore more of your vital force fuel to access and energize the immune and other systems of the body. Freeing up energy in the mental state allows us access to more energy for other functions (i.e immune response to a virus like Covid-19, or healing after an injury).

Constitutional homeopathic care is extremely effective in resolving and healing emotional and/or mental symptoms.

Constitutional care addresses the physical symptoms that are constant or chronic as well. Again, releasing where the VF is continually occupied will free up the potential application for healing with acute illness like Covid-19, seasonal allergies, hormonal changes, sleep issues and/or ongoing pain.


My protocol for immune strengthening

  1. Constitutional homeopathic remedy is my first go to. The holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) to our wellness is strengthening to our whole being and particularly to our immune response. Our susceptibility to stress will shift so we are more prepared and capable of handling challenges.
  2. Using acute remedies for stress, illness and future outbreaks. There are many possible remedies that can be used such as Arsenicum album, Bryonia, and certain nosodes. The choice of remedy will be based on each person’s individual needs and the symptoms experienced.
  3. Nutritional support is extremely important. All of our cells are composed from the food we eat. Clean and fresh food, preferably organic or minimally chemically treated ,is a vital piece to a strong immune response.

*Green leafy vegetables in salads, steamed, roasted, or sautéed,2-5 cups per day (smaller portions for younger ages). These are high in Vitamin C and beta-carotene that our body converts to Vitamin A.

*Fresh fruit especially berries. 3-5 portions per day (less if you are eating sweeter fruits)

*Pasture raised protein sources if you eat animal foods like eggs, poultry, beef and wild sourced fish. If wild fish is hard to find look for fish farms in the open ocean waters.

*Organic grains and legumes. Eat these in their whole form (brown rice, lentils) rather than as chips or crackers.

*Minimize processed foods (anything in a package) especially sugar. Get your sugars from fruits and sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes.

*Alcohol is metabolized as sugar. Limit use.

*Clean water. Hydration is vital. If you urine is clear or very light yellow you are hydrated. Drink about half your body weight in ounces (i.e. weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces (a little more than 8 glasses of water, each 8 ounces)

  1. Movement is essential. During the warmer months it is great to get outside for fresh air, exercise, breathing fresh air and sunlight. Doing breathing exercises and getting your heart rate elevated brings more oxygen into your body. Yoga, stretching, and strengthening the body is important. I offer online yoga classes.
  2. Sunlight in appropriate amounts on our skin (about 15 minutes per day, avoiding  “burning” hours of 11am-3pm with as much skin exposed as possible) helps the body to manufacture Vitamin D. Supplementation could be needed as well. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D is essential for immune strength.
  3. Emotional/mental wellness is important. Participating in activities/hobbies that bring you joy and pleasure raises blood levels of nitric acid (think laughter and intimacy). Seek support and professional help when feelings are overwhelming or difficult to shift. Again homeopathic care is very effective.
  4. Spiritual connection thru prayer, meditation in nature and/or community is vital to our full wellness. My work, Finding your Feminine Core is a spiritual, energetic and holistic health practice that helps strengthen your VF and immune strength.


This is a beginning list. Each of us will need to adjust and personalize it for our own needs. It is important to look at your immune strengthening from all aspects, a true holistic approach, and to use this time to increase and strengthen your wellness. Often we forget when the weather is warm that the colder seasons will follow. We know the colder weather is often a time for more febrile illnesses and contagious diseases as we are more indoors, with less fresh air and sunlight.

As a result of the recent lockdown many of us are entering this fall more depleted. Our immune strength could be lower this fall and winter in response to the accumulation of stress.

Take this time to feed, nourish and enliven your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic parts. This will give you the highest level of health and a stronger immune response.

If you are not in constitutional care with me, yet, please reach out starting with a 30-minute discovery call. We will learn together what it is you need and will support you for your highest good at this time.

I offer family discounts and am sensitive to financial stresses especially if work has been effected during the pandemic. If you use other holistic healthcare modalities like acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, my suggestions are compatible and supportive.

My final message is start now working to increase and strengthen your immunity and your overall health, so you will feel prepared for the future will less anxiety, fear and worry.