This is My Menopausal Transition Story

I woke up one morning and it hit me, I was 50 years old! “Is this it, is this all there is to life?” Those thoughts stayed with me from the moment I opened my eyes that morning and for many months afterwards.  Perimenopause had been creeping in for a few years and changes were happening that I didn’t necessarily realize were part of the transition.

I found myself forgetting words, like “Tadasana” when I was teaching yoga, something I have said hundreds of times teaching yoga over the past 10 years. I was even confusing my children’s names.

Hot flashes started growing stronger and more often. My menstrual bleeding got so heavy and was unpredictable. I stained many clothes and even my couch.  Depression snuck in with those early morning thoughts and continued throughout the day.  I had fitful sleep, throwing the covers on and off to accommodate the hot flashes during the night .My sex drive was totally gone. Where did it go?

I gained at least 10 pounds and felt chubby and middle aged. My hair was getting grayer quicker and to try and cover the roots I went very blond. Not my best color. This only added to my misery. I felt exhausted a lot and deeply sad and found myself crying often. I thought I would celebrate my upcoming empty nest after 15 years of single parenthood but instead I found myself sobbing as each child left.

I had really reached a bottom. I realized I wasn’t even using the tools that helped me with other life transitions.

That is what got me started on a mission to use my own method to help ease my symptoms of menopause. This turned things around for me.

My sex drive came back. Not like a 20 year old but with a deep, powerful and ecstatic energy at times. I lost the 10 pounds. I found I loved my time alone.

My hot flashes are more manageable. My bleeding changed until it completely stopped. I don’t feel nearly as stiff as I used to and I sleep better now.

I let my hair go grey which has been very liberating. I know myself so much better now and I feel happier. I feel more confident in myself. I am being really honest with myself, my work, my finances, and my relationships. Changing patterns of over 50 years is challenging but I am doing it.

I am amazed at how the use of Breeze thru Menopause has helped so many other women on so many levels as it has me.  I transformed from the suffering perimenopausal woman to a more vibrant and energetic me.

I want to share Breeze thru Menopause with you .

This is for women in their late thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties who seek relief from menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia and weight gain as well as from depression and anxiety.

I can help you end your menopausal suffering and transform your experience into long lasting health and comfort.

You can set up a discovery call with me to learn more of how you can Breeze thru Menopause, too.

I lost 2 dear friends to cancer. They were vibrant woman who were my homeopathic colleagues and soul sisters. Life seems more precious now, more finite, and yet more appreciated. I dedicate this work to them.